Bart Rask – Position 7

Bart Rask

Position 7

Bart Rask is a father of six with three children still in Hillsboro public schools. He has been an orthopedic surgeon in the same location practicing out of Tuality/OHSU Hillsboro Medical Center for 25 years. In addition to serving on the Oregon State Board of Athletic Trainers and Hillsboro Schools Citizens’ Curriculum Advisory Committee, Rask is the Hillsboro High School team physician and assisted in the design of Oregon’s first low-cost, school sports physicals program. His school involvement incudes countless hours of medical treatment, participation in the job shadow program, lectures and financial donations. Rask aims to revitalize the school system by improving education quality, eliminating distractions in classrooms, and promoting unity and self-determination among students. 

Revitalize our schools!

Improve education quality:

Despite increased spending by 33% over the last seven years, our Hillsboro schools English and math scores went from average for the state to 17% and 9% below average, respectively. We must put more emphasis in teaching our students the basics of reading, writing and math to prepare them for the real world. Over the last several years I have taken notes about my six children’s school experiences which has given me a unique perspective. The most obvious observation is the low expectations. We need to raise expectations of our students, for example, by having a greater number of assignments for more practice instead of the excessive “downtime” which is common in many classes.

Education without distractions:

We can’t be distracted by allowing unproductive topics into our classrooms nor tolerate behaviors by a few which prevent learning by the many. We can start by eliminating curricula which do not enhance life skills, working with parents to find alternatives for students with behavioral challenges, and streamlining the business of education.

Promote student unity and self-determination:

As a parent and active volunteer for 25 years for Hillsboro schools, I know children care little about their classmates’ backgrounds and are more drawn to common interests. We need to let students realize that they can be successful by offering them a positive, unifying environment and that they have control of their future. We should make sure that individual needs are met, as well as expand accelerated course offerings and vocational training programs to give all students the pace and depth they need.


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