Shawnna Arns – Position 5

Shawnna Arns

Position 5

Shawnna Arns is a retired State Corrections, Employment and DHS Specialist with a diverse occupational background ranging from Adult Protective Services Specialist to Loss Prevention Manager. As a mother of 3 children and a grandmother to 3 grandchildren she knows the importance of education in preparing our children for the real world. As a retired state corrections officer, she has seen too often the resulting tragedy when we fail to do so. 

Back to the basics

After experiencing nearly 2 years of learning loss, we must prioritize academics in the classroom. Currently Hillsboro students are below the state average for reading and math. We need to double down our efforts to get our students proficient in reading, writing and math. 

Increased transparency 

Shawnna would like to work collaboratively with parents in what is being taught in their children’s classrooms. They deserve to know what’s being taught in their children’s classrooms and have a say. It’s time to increase communication with parents to ensure they understand the curriculum and create an opt-in process to replace the current opt-out processes.

Unite parents and teachers

We should all have the same end goals when it comes to educating our children. Shawnna wants to be a voice for  parents,  teachers and children – enough of the division. Teachers deserve the resources they need to be successful and parents deserve a voice in their children’s education. All students should have the resources that allow them to be successful. As someone with a deep history working in state agencies and unions, she has the unique ability to know how to cut through the bureaucratic red tape while bringing people of competing perspectives together behind a united goal that leads to positive outcomes.  


Monique Ward, Hillsboro School Board Member
Debbie Pappas, parent
Gary Tucker, parent

Oregon Moms Union A-rated candidate
Bob Terry, former Washington County Commissionner
John Di Paola, former candidate for Congressional District 5