Terri Kam – Position 4

Terri Kam

Position 4

Terri Kam is a small business owner with a background in business, marketing, sales and administration. She attended Hillsboro High School and Portland State University. She is a mom and the daughter of three generations of educators, which means she understands the importance of a quality education and the need for parental involvement. She’ll use her experience as a business owner to help with budgeting and streamlining the business of education.

Let’s unite for academic excellence for our students!

Be a voice for parents

Terri interacts with many parents on a daily basis and she hears about their concerns in the Hillsboro School District. Their voices need to be heard. She’s running because she believes the voice of parents matters and our children’s success is our future. We need to make curriculum, instructional and supportive materials available online for parents to access anytime. We also need to regularly communicate standards and expectations to give students and parents a clear understanding of what is expected and how progress will be measured.

Achieve academic excellence

As someone who comes from three generations of educators, it’s a deeply held conviction that we need to raise well educated and responsible students. Currently over 69% of our students are not proficient in reading and over 71% of our students are not meeting standard expectations for math. We must get back to the basics while expanding honors/accelerated courses, maintaining AP/IB programs, and implementing vocational training programs to give all students the pace and depth they need.

Unite parents, teachers and students

We’re all in this together. Teachers need the resources to meet our individual student’s needs and run successful classrooms. Parents deserve transparency with a seat at the table. And our students deserve a first class education. As someone who has spent her life running a successful business, and raised her children here in our wonderful community of Hillsboro – she is committed to ensuring that our future generations have what they need to be successful. After two years of learning loss and an education system that is failing our children, they deserve parents and teachers to unite for them now more than ever.


Bruce Starr, former State Senator
Monique Ward, Hillsboro School Board Member
Grace Reyes, PTA parent

Oregon Moms Union A-rated candidate
Bob Terry, former Washington County Commissionner
John Di Paola, former candidate for Congressional District 5